The equipment that you carry around in your van is very valuable, and naturally you want to keep them safe and secured. So when you are working out of your utility van, keeping the cargo area well protected is a top priority, and Work Van Equipment has just what you need to give you a peace of mind.

Because security is so important, the Van Interior Partition Kit is a staple in any professional work van. It is essentially a steel wall that keeps intruders out of your cargo space. When you have a partition installed in your van, if someone breaks into your van through the cab, the cargo area is completely sealed off. The partition also keeps the majority of your van and its contents out of view so that you won’t draw any unwanted attention to your valuables.

The Van Interior Partition Kit also comes with an optional locking door feature that gives you direct access to your cargo from within. For more technical details and additional features check out the Van Interior Partition Kit page @ Work Van Equipment. If you need help with keeping everything in order inside of your van, check out Work Van Equipment’s vast selection of accessories and tools today. 

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