A ladder is an important tool to have at your disposal if you are a tradesman or a business owner going from job to job. Transporting a ladder and other large materials can be a challenge when you have a van. Work Van Equipment has the solution for you. Here are some racks for your cargo van that will make your life easier.

Drop Down Ladder Rack 

A Drop Down Ladder Rack makes it much easier to load and secure heavy extension ladders onto your van's roof without damaging your vehicle. Lowering the ladders down to the side of the vehicle eliminates the possibility of common injuries related to climbing, stretching, and reaching, especially for high roof vans. These racks help you maximize your cargo space in your van and stay productive while on the job.

Clamp and Lock Ladder Rack 

Clamp and Lock Ladder Racks are uniquely designed to easily lock and secure ladders in place on the roof of your van. This rack is ideal for low roof vans so you can transport racks without the need for straps and ties. The clamp feature will keep your ladders secure while you drive around town. 

Cargo Rack 

A simple solution for carrying different types of materials is a Cargo Rack. This rack will allow you to carry ladders, pipes, lumber, and other building materials. The sleek design reduces wind noise and drag making this an efficient choice. The rear roller bar gives you assistance so you can load an unload with ease. 

Crossbar Utility Rack 

The Crossbar Utility Rack has a simple design, but it is a functional solution for carrying ladders and other equipment. It has a low clearance so there is no problem going into garages and other spaces with low ceilings. It is highly customizable; just add a third crossbar to carry smaller items or a rear roller bar for easier loading and unloading.

Interior Ladder Rack 

An interior ladder rack is convenient for storing your smaller ladders inside of your van. They are versatile and fit most vans on the market. Leave the roof of your van for longer ladders or other cargo.

No matter what extra cargo you are looking to carry, we have a rack that will help you get the job done. Call us or email our Customer Service Team today to learn more.

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